Online vs. Offline monitoring: A successful example of INZOC's online oil monitoring system for steel mills

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First, steel mill oil monitoring project background

A steel mill customer purchased several INZOC online oil monitoring systems in 2023. After the monitoring system was installed and used for a period of time, the pollution level of the oil products continued to be level 3, and occasionally level 4 appeared. However, the NAS pollution level of the oil products they sent for offline testing was level 5, which was inconsistent with the monitoring results of the online oil monitoring system. So they questioned us.


Source | Intelligent Lubrication Oil Cloud (mobile end pollution level data)

2. Investigation of the cause of on-site failure

After receiving the feedback from the customer, we arranged a professional technical engineer to visit the site for investigation. After strict and repeated demonstration, it was concluded that the customer's sampling specification and testing process did not meet the standard sampling requirements.

The following problems occurred during sampling:

1. Because the selected sample bottle is a non-clean bottle, the NAS standard level of the clean bottle is below level 2, when the sample bottle used does not meet the standard, there will be a significant deviation;

2. Due to the need to test multiple parameters on site, the sample bottle has a large capacity of 500ml, and the bottle mouth is open for a long time during sampling, resulting in a large number of dust particles in the air, which will affect the test results;


Steel oil monitoring solutions: rolling mill, hydraulic station, thin oil station, rolling, etc., to meet the monitoring needs of a variety of equipment and a variety of oil.


1. Bubble treatment

In the sampling process, pay attention to the removal of bubbles to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the sample;

2, sealing operation

Quickly put the lid on the sample bottle and let the sample sit for 5 minutes before sealing it in the bag.

3. Packaging and transportation

In order to prevent collisions and sample contamination during transportation, it is recommended to pack the sample bottle with bubble wrap or sponge pads.

Why strictly follow the standard sampling procedures?

1. Ensure that the oil sample is not contaminated

Strict operation according to the standard sampling method can ensure the purity of the sample and prevent contamination;

2. Minimize detection errors

Following the standard sampling process helps to reduce the error of the test data and improve the reliability of the data.

3. Maintain the consistency of online monitoring and offline detection data

Because during the equipment cycle, the flow pattern may be different. The standard sampling method can ensure that the offline sampling point is consistent with the online monitoring point, so as to ensure the consistency of data.

4, the importance of sampling point selection

Choosing the right sampling point is key because the fuel tank of an IOT device is a circulating process and the device may run fluids differently than the sampling point being sent, so it is important to ensure that the sampling point is selected to reliably reflect the oil's state.

Third, steel plant off-line laboratory oil monitoring solution

After on-site investigation, the Wise match technical engineers used high-clean standard sampling bottles, and strictly followed the standard sampling specifications and procedures for sampling. At the same time, they took two bottles of oil samples and sent them respectively to the offline laboratory of the steel plant and the third-party offline laboratory. The pollution level was level 3. Finally, it was proved that the pollution level detection results of both offline laboratories were highly consistent with the pollution level monitoring results of INZOC online oil monitoring system.


Intelligent lubricating oil cloud (mobile end pollution level data)


Third party contamination level test report


Compared with offline inspection, on-line oil monitoring technology is more convenient, efficient and accurate. Off-line testing requires strict compliance with the sampling standard process, and requires a lot of time, manpower and material resources to complete the sampling and inspection process. However, the Intelligent Match online oil monitoring system uses highly sophisticated monitoring technology, and with the support of the Internet of Things cloud platform, provides enterprise customers with a powerful monitoring tool, which provides them with excellent opportunities to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, protect the environment and enhance competitiveness.

The system provides real-time feedback, allowing the operator to know the lubrication status of the equipment at any time and take necessary measures. Data can be recorded and analyzed automatically, providing history and trend analysis to help businesses make more informed maintenance decisions. Through the Internet of Things cloud platform, enterprises can remotely monitor the lubrication status of equipment, without the need for personnel to stay on site, improving the convenience and efficiency of management.

In the case of inconsistency between the monitoring results and offline detection, the on-site investigation and improvement of the sampling process by professional technical engineers successfully solved the problem, which also further proved the accuracy and reliability of the online monitoring system, and strengthened the trust and satisfaction of customers on INZOC products and services.

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