• How to manage lubricating oil scientifically and extend equipment life?
    Equipment lubrication is figuratively likened to the "life blood" of the mechanical world, which is not an exaggeration. In various fields such as industrial production, transportation, construction engineering, lubrication is an indispensable link to ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment. Whether it is a huge factory production line or small mechanical equipment, proper lubrication is needed to reduce friction, cool components, seal critical parts, and prevent corrosion. However, to truly understand the importance of lubrication requires an in-depth understanding of its profound impact on equipment performance and life.
  • Unlock the critical value of compressor lubrication challenges with monitoring
    Compressor lubrication refers to reducing friction and wear by adding appropriate lubricants during the operation of the compressor to ensure the smooth operation and long-term reliability of the mechanical components. It is mainly to reduce energy consumption, improve work efficiency, extend equipm
  • Analysis of wear lubrication failure of plain bearing
    The lower half of the split sleeve bearing has obvious wear and performance failure phenomenon, which leads to the abnormal running state of the cold water pump. The color of the oil sample found in the split sleeve bearing shows an anomaly, appearing green or gray, which is significantly different
  • [Hydraulic system monitoring] Master key components and master maintenance skills
    A hydraulic system is a mechanical system that uses fluids to transfer energy and is commonly used in a variety of engineering and industrial applications.First, hydraulic system components1. Hydraulic pump: usually driven by motor or engine, used to produce flowing hydraulic fluid. It sucks the liq
  • Core components of lubricating oils: Exploring the characteristics and classification of base oils
    The base oils of lubricating oils are the main components in lubricating oil products, which provide functions such as lubrication, cooling, sealing and friction reduction.Characteristics of base oilPhysical characteristicsThe performance of lubricating oil is largely determined by the quali
  • Understand the type and method of lubrication, easily cope with equipment failure
    Poor lubrication and pollution are important reasons for equipment failure:1, 70% of the failure of the equipment is caused by abnormal wear caused by lubrication failure;2, about 40% of the failure and damage in rolling bearings are caused by improper lubrication;3, about 51% of the faults in the g
  • The difference and characteristics of preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance systems
    ▲ Condition monitoring area under PF curvePreventive maintenance and predictive maintenance are two different maintenance strategies, which differ in objectives, methods and characteristics. These two strategies can complement each other to improve equipment reliability and reduce costs in mainte
  • Introduction of wind farm fan monitoring system (Main contents and common faults of wind farm monitoring)
    First, wind farm fan monitoring system introductionWind farm fan monitoring system is used for real-time monitoring, control and management of wind turbine (fan) operating status and performance of the system. The system collects various data of the fan, including vibration, temperature, current, po
  • What is the equipment online monitoring system (the role of equipment online monitoring system)
    The significance of equipment online monitoring lies in the real-time acquisition of equipment operating status data, early detection of anomalies and potential failures, prevention of equipment failures, improve equipment reliability, reduce downtime and maintenance costs, optimize mainte