Cement industry mechanical lubrication monitoring solutions, control complex environment, intelligent prediction to achieve situational maintenance

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Cement production is an energy-intensive industrial process, usually involving a large number of mechanical equipment, such as cement mill, raw material mill, coal mill, roller press, rotary kiln, trunk cooling machine, crusher and so on.

As the process of digital transformation and automation in the industrial sector continues to deepen, more and more enterprises are beginning to integrate advanced means such as sensing technology, monitoring devices and data analysis to achieve real-time monitoring and proactive maintenance of equipment status. In this process, the cement industry is no exception. Through the online oil monitoring system, real-time data can be transmitted to the central control system through communication protocols, thus enabling remote sensing monitoring and data analysis to more accurately manage equipment maintenance needs.

First, the challenge of cement equipment operation

➢ Complex environment: cement equipment usually operates under low speed and heavy load conditions, withstands open air operations, large temperature difference, high load operation and other environments. Lubricating oils are required to maintain stable performance in harsh environments.

➢ Lubrication pain points: The equipment is operated at low speed and heavy load, and is often affected by vibration and impact loads, which will prevent the lubricating oil from establishing a stable oil film on the friction surface. Therefore, the lubrication grease needs to have excellent extreme pressure anti-wear properties to protect the equipment from wear and damage.

➢ Environmental pollution: The equipment will be polluted by dust and cooling water during operation, especially in the open work environment. In addition, open drive is more common in cement equipment. This requires the lubrication grease to have good anti-pollution ability to ensure stable lubrication performance in a polluted environment.

Second, the solution

To effectively address these challenges, the cement industry needs to adopt online oil monitoring technology. By monitoring parameters such as temperature, viscosity, contamination and wear particles of lubricating oils in real time, oil anomalies can be detected early and equipment problems can be predicted for more accurate maintenance plans. In addition, the high-quality lubricating oil formula provides excellent extreme pressure wear resistance and anti-contamination, ensuring reliable operation of the equipment in harsh conditions.  


INZOC's online oil monitoring system can fully cope with the characteristics of the existing equipment in cement plants and the challenges of the actual field conditions, through the linkage with the main equipment, the introduction of automatic control program, monitoring the start and stop process of the reducer, and realize the linkage with the main machine to start up, so as to work efficiently together.

At the same time, it can also monitor the flow, vibration, oil line pressure and other important data of the field equipment. In the start-stop stage, the valid data is intelligently screened and the invalid data is eliminated to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the data.



In addition, the system is also integrated into the anti-leakage monitoring device, especially in the monitoring of large equipment, the monitoring device not only ensures the operation of the equipment itself, but also reduces the potential risk of accidental leakage. It provides a smarter and more reliable equipment monitoring and maintenance solution for the cement industry.



On-line oil monitoring is one of the key tools to achieve stable operation and maintenance of equipment. Through technological innovation and reasonable lubrication management, cement plants can achieve more accurate equipment maintenance plans, improve production efficiency and equipment reliability.

3. Installation cases



▲ Gearbox - No. 320 gear oil



▲ Roller reducer thin oil lubrication station system - No. 320 gear oil



▲ Coal mill reducer lubrication system - No. 320 gear oil



▲ Rotary kiln reducer lubrication system - medium load industrial gear oil 320



▲ Gear lubrication station -320 gear oil

The cement industry is gradually developing in the direction of digitalization and intelligence. Online oil monitoring technology, combined with other digital technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence, enables higher levels of automation, predictive maintenance, and production process optimization.

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