Intelligent monitoring and diagnosis: protect the safety of nuclear power equipment and safeguard the future environment of mankind

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There has been widespread concern about the safety of nuclear power plants around the world, especially after the Fukushima nuclear accident. It highlights the vital importance of nuclear power plant equipment monitoring and maintenance. At the same time, Japan's planned discharge of contaminated nuclear water has sparked fierce international controversy, once again highlighting the risks and environmental responsibilities covered by the operation of nuclear power plants.


A nuclear power plant is a highly safety-sensitive energy production facility that needs to ensure a high degree of reliability and safety of nuclear reactors and related equipment. Steam turbine is an important part of a nuclear power plant, which is responsible for converting the heat generated in the nuclear reactor into electrical energy.

I. Oil status of steam turbine system

At present, there are some problems in oil analysis of steam turbine in nuclear power plant. The main problems include long sampling cycle, limited data volume, and insufficient real-time information, resulting in single evaluation and operation and maintenance information, making it difficult to evaluate equipment status in real time and accurately predict its life. In addition, the lack of effective data sharing platform, monitoring data is limited to fault diagnosis and operation and maintenance, it is difficult to put forward forward-looking recommendations for production equipment.

Steam turbines typically use high-performance lubricants to reduce wear, reduce friction, cool and seal critical components. These fluids need to be monitored and replaced in real time to ensure that their performance is not affected.

1, moisture: moisture will reduce the performance of lubricating oil, may cause corrosion and oxidation.

2, pollutants: pollutants in the oil such as solid particles, metal fragments, chemicals, etc., need real-time monitoring and control. These contaminants can come from mechanical wear, chemical reactions, or external sources of pollution.

3, temperature: Control of the temperature of the oil is essential to maintain lubrication performance. High temperature oil may lead to decomposition and degradation of oil.

During the operation of a nuclear power plant, the proper operation of the steam turbine is essential for the production of electrical energy. Due to the high safety requirements of the equipment in nuclear power plants, the operation status of the turbine and the relevant parameters of the lubricating oil need to be monitored in real time to ensure the availability of the equipment while reducing the potential risk of failure.

Second, online oil monitoring optimal scheme

In order to solve these problems, the online intelligent oil monitoring system and technology with high parameters, high reliability and longevity are needed. This system can extend the oil change cycle, thereby saving the time and economic cost of oil procurement, construction and waste oil disposal. In order to ensure the safe operation of nuclear power plants and meet the environmental requirements, we urgently need to develop a scientific and feasible nuclear power equipment lubrication monitoring optimization program.


On-line oil monitoring technology refers to the continuous monitoring of the chemical, physical, pollution and wear performance parameters of the lubricating oil being used by the sensor on the equipment under continuous operation to judge or predict the operating status of the system or equipment. This technology can remotely monitor abnormal components in the system or equipment and provide a basis for targeted maintenance and repair, so as to effectively prevent accidents in a timely manner.

1. Monitoring oil: turbine oil;

2, monitoring parameters: 40C viscosity, dynamic viscosity, real-time kinematic viscosity, moisture content (PPM), water activity (AW), pollution degree (NAS/ISO grade), dielectric constant, temperature, density.

Three, nuclear power plant turbine lubrication monitoring application cases




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