Mine coal machinery safety lubrication monitoring application scheme: help equipment intelligent maintenance and safe production

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With the wave of industrial digital transformation, on-line oil monitoring of coal mine equipment comes into being. In the face of harsh working conditions, equipment safety requirements, maintenance cost pressure and environmental protection needs, this technology realizes accurate monitoring and predictive maintenance of equipment status through real-time data acquisition and analysis, effectively improving equipment reliability, production efficiency and environmental safety, and injecting more intelligent and efficient equipment management means for the coal mining industry.  


First, coal mine equipment operation challenges

➢ Harsh working conditions: Coal mine equipment usually operates under harsh working conditions, including high temperature, high pressure, dust, etc., which may affect the performance of the lubricating oil.

Particle pollution: A large amount of dust is generated in coal mine operations, which may enter the lubrication system of the equipment, resulting in excessive pollution particles of the lubricating oil, affecting the lubrication effect.

Moisture invasion: there may be moisture in the coal mine environment, especially in underground mining. The presence of moisture may lead to dilution, oxidation and contamination of the lubricating fluid.

➢ Vibration impact: the equipment will be subjected to mechanical vibration and impact during operation, which may affect the performance of the lubricating oil on the friction surface, requiring special vibration resistance.

➢ High load: Coal mine equipment is often operated under high load, which will lead to increased friction and wear of equipment, requiring excellent lubrication and anti-wear performance.

Safety risks: In coal mine operations, leaks or external factors may lead to leakage of lubricating oil, increasing the risk of fire and explosion.

➢ Open-pit operation: Some coal mine equipment operates in an open-pit operation environment and is exposed to temperature, humidity and weather changes in the natural environment.

Second, installation cases  


▲ TBM hydraulic system -46 hydraulic oil



▲ Coal mine loading station feeder hydraulic station -46 hydraulic oil



▲ Emulsion pump crankcase lubrication system -S2G220



▲ Belt machine head reducer lubrication system -320 gear oil

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