At present, enterprises in the domestic power industry have generators, steam turbines, transformers, and large equipment, and the operation and maintenance of these large equipment directly determines the return rate of investors. Improving efficiency and reducing costs have always been the goal pursued by operation and maintenance personnel. If a lot of money and energy are invested in the early stage to improve the quality of the construction of the power company, and do not pay attention to the maintenance of the operation after completion, then the benefit of the whole project will be greatly reduced. Therefore, it is the top priority of power enterprises to do a good job in the operation and maintenance of the whole life cycle of power enterprises. The combination of multi-parameter sensors and oil cloud monitoring system's power online oil monitoring box provides solutions for major power companies.

Program advantage

High temperature resistance

The unique structure design prevents the stability of the equipment in the high temperature environment of the power plant and ensures the stable operation of the sensor.

Algorithm lead

Based on high-dimensional LBP, PCA, LDA and other comprehensive algorithms, the optimization model is trained to achieve interference elimination and data regression.

Standard output

Through the internal product verification of smart match and the verification of massive users and complex scenes, it has high accuracy, strong stability and simple to use.

AI algorithm

Based on the operation of the power equipment itself, the intelligence judge the bad oil, so that the monitoring efficiency is more efficient.

Application scenarios of power devices

Customer case

They all trust our oil monitoring technology


Shuangxin Electric Power

Turbine oil monitoring case

As a large thermal power generation enterprise in China, the safe and stable operation of turbine units is very important for the customer's 3 sets of turbine units to provide stable and reliable oil monitoring system, real-time monitoring of the system's oil status, to ensure the safe operation of customer equipment.


State power investment Huainan power plant

Provide reliable oil monitoring technology

Huainan Pingping Power Plant operates two coal-fired generating units with a total capacity of 1230MW, and the pollution particles of the turbine units will exceed the standard during safe operation. Intelligent Match oil monitoring products escort customers' equipment in real time.


China National Nuclear Corporation

Qinshan Nuclear Power plant - turbine system turbine

Turbine system The safe and stable operation of the turbine is very important, intelligent match to provide customers with a stable and reliable oil monitoring system, real-time monitoring of the oil status of the system, to ensure the safe operation of customer equipment.


China Southern Power Grid

Zhuhai Electric Power - thermal power feed water pump small turbine system

In the small steam turbine system of thermal power feed pump, the pollution particles of the turbine unit will exceed the standard in the safe operation, and the intelligent match online oil monitoring system escorts the customer equipment in real time.