Lubrication safety + predictive operation and maintenance system of whole system equipment in coal preparation plant

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In coal preparation plants, conveyor belt systems are a common form of material handling used to transport coal and other ores from the mining site to treatment equipment or storage areas. Therefore, coal mines usually use belt head reducer to ensure the normal operation of the conveyor belt system in order to efficiently transport coal ore.

However, the use of coal mine equipment has strict safety standards and regulations to ensure the safety of the working environment, so monitoring the lubrication status of the equipment in the coal mine is particularly critical.


The role of the belt head reducer

In industrial use scenarios, the motor cannot fully use the rated speed and needs to be slowed down to meet other functional requirements and matching principles. The belt head reducer optimizes the operational efficiency and precision of industrial conveyor systems through efficient speed regulation and torque increase.

First, the lubrication predicament of the belt head reducer

1, insufficient lubrication, bearings and gears may overheat due to friction, leading to damage or wear in advance;

2, too much lubrication may lead to grease accumulation in the equipment, forming deposits, resulting in pollution of bearings and gears;

3, in harsh environmental conditions such as coal mines, coal dust, moisture and chemicals may affect the effect of the lubrication system;

4. Blockage of lubricating pump or pipeline;

Harsh temperature conditions may affect the performance of the lubricant;

System architecture design drawing


The conveyor belt system has evolved from the traditional mechanical transportation method into an intelligent material transportation network. These systems leverage advanced sensor, automatic control and iot technologies to enable high-precision material flow management. As one of the key components of the belt reducer, it has undergone technological innovation and adopted intelligent monitoring and system operation and maintenance.

Second, the whole system equipment safety lubrication solution of coal preparation plant

The intelligent lubrication monitoring system in the digital era can not only promote the belt conveyor to transport coal and ore, but also monitor the oil status of the belt head reducer in real time. With embedded sensors and remote monitoring systems, operators can obtain key parameters such as oil viscosity, temperature, vibration and lubrication status in real time.


When the system detects potential problems or needs maintenance, it can generate alerts and notify those involved. At the same time, the system records the maintenance plan, including when to change the lubricating oil, when to perform the reducer maintenance, etc.

Through the Internet of Things technology, the operator can remotely monitor the status of the reducer and make remote control or adjustments when needed. This reduces human intervention and equipment downtime.


In addition, the explosion-proof performance of the INZOC monitoring system has achieved technological innovation, using advanced inherent safety component circuit design, explosion-proof housing design, and can be safely experienced under harsh conditions such as complex dust and flammable gases. Improve the safety and reliability of equipment, reduce maintenance costs and downtime.


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