Core competence

Committed to becoming the industry's leading equipment condition analysis solution provider, with a full-link oil sensor R & D team, self-built mature and reliable Internet of Things big data platform, accumulated industry-wide product application experience, the formation of a complete lubrication management and monitoring analysis ecological closed loop, can provide customers with reliable and professional oil condition analysis solutions.

20000+ More than 20,000 sets of products installed capacity
3000+ Serving more than 3,000 industry leading customers
TOP3 Leading oil monitoring technology
20+ Bottom oil sensor production

3000+The choice of brand trust

Years of customer service has accumulated a wealth of product application and development experience, for more than thousands of domestic major equipment industry leading customers and military units to provide professional, safe lubrication application products and equipment health monitoring digital solutions.

Device health forecasting Forecasting management

Architecture process

Industry coverage

Industry-wide coverage

  • On-line monitoring of oil
  • steel
  • machine
  • Wind power
  • coal
  • electricity
  • petrification
  • Ship port
  • cement

Data acquisition

Signal acquisition

  • Dynamic multiplexing
  • Sensor set
  • Remote OTA

Data set

  • Invalid data screening
  • Breakpoint persistence
  • Data modeling

Data transmission

  • 5G/WIFI/RS485

Data analysis

Oil cloud

  • Cloud data server

Data transmission

  • Multiple data processing
  • Data traceability
  • Remote OTA

Correlation alarm

  • Equipment lubrication condition
  • Abnormal equipment wear
  • Alarm reminder

Data presentation

Work order issuance

  • Mobile terminal
  • Web page side
  • Email reminder

Exception handling

  • Engineers inspect the site

Equipment health prediction

  • Circulating oil circuit
  • Turbine system
  • Gear system
  • Hydraulic system

Information center

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