Hidden Worries and Digital Monitoring Scheme of Lubrication System of cutter Head of Shield Machine (Application Deployment)

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  The shield machine is a special engineering machine used for underground tunnel and pipeline excavation. It usually consists of a shield head, cutter head, tail propulsion system, hydraulic system, electrical system, etc. Among them, the gear cutterhead is a key component, located at the front of the shield machine and used to excavate soil, rocks or other geological materials.



  1. Gear cutter system of shield machine

  1.1 Working principle and features

  When the shield machine works, the knife hovers and digs underground material, which is then delivered to the surface by a tail propulsion system. At the same time, the shield head of the shield machine provides a protective structure to prevent underground collapse.

  Gear cutters are key excavation tools, consisting of complex gears and transmission components that are designed and manufactured with high precision to ensure efficient tunneling and steering in harsh underground environments. These cutters typically require wear and corrosion resistance, while also being designed as versatile tools for different geological conditions and tunnel diameters. The gear cutter realizes the excavation task by rotating the blade or gear in contact with the underground material, and high power and high efficiency are essential for the rapid completion of the excavation task. Due to the high intensity operating conditions, gear cutters require regular maintenance and lubrication to ensure normal operation.

  1.2 Pain points of the lubrication system of cutter head of shield machine gear

  The working environment of gear system of shield machine is very harsh, a large amount of groundwater and dust invasion of gear high load brings abnormal wear of the cutter head drive system. The oil of gear system of shield cutter head is rich in abnormal, water invasion, viscosity aging and other information, which can reflect the health state of equipment in real time.

  ■ The load change of the tooth surface is large, and the meshing part of the tooth surface is easy to wear, which directly affects the equipment

  ■ Higher risk of external contamination of oil products

  ■ Routine inspection is inconvenient, hidden trouble is not easy to find

  ■ High repair and replacement costs for gears and bearings

  ■ Oil filling, replacement inconvenience, time-consuming and laborious

  Second, gear cutter lubrication system online monitoring and intelligent operation and maintenance program

  With the advancement of sensor technology, Internet of Things and data analysis technology, the online monitoring system of shield machine lubrication has become more intelligent and efficient.

  The deployment of the lubricating oil online monitoring system can monitor the viscosity, temperature, wear particles, trace moisture, pressure, flow and other parameters of the lubricating oil in real time, which helps to detect the deterioration and pollution of the lubricating oil, identify potential problems in advance, and reduce the risk of lubrication system failure.

  ■ Wear index: ferromagnetic wear, non-ferromagnetic wear, wear concentration, total wear

  ■ Moisture intrusion: moisture content, saturation

  ■ Viscosity aging: dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity, temperature, density

  ■ Oil quality: additives, acid value, cracking quality, impurities

  ■ Aging model: synthesize parameters, build model curves, and realize life prediction

  On-line monitoring operation and maintenance scheme of shield machine lubrication system

  ● Vibration monitoring: The internal vibration sensing model of the system can monitor the vibration level of the gear cutter. Abnormal vibrations can indicate a problem with gears or bearings, and by monitoring the vibrations in real time, potential failures can be predicted and appropriate maintenance measures taken.

  ● Remote monitoring and control: The monitoring data is transmitted to the remote monitoring office, allowing the operation and maintenance team to monitor the equipment status in real time. Real-time alerts and notifications for quick response to issues.

  Predictive maintenance: Use data analysis and machine learning to build predictive maintenance models. These models can predict when maintenance is needed based on the operational data of the lubrication system, thereby avoiding unnecessary downtime.

  ● Visual monitoring interface: Develop user-friendly monitoring interface to visually display equipment status and lubrication system performance. This helps the operations team quickly understand equipment conditions.

  ● Fault diagnosis support: Integrated intelligent fault diagnosis to help operations teams quickly determine the root cause of problems and provide recommended repair measures.

  Iii. Deployment cases


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