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Shield Machine System Solution

Hydraulic Oil + Gear Oil

Monitoring content: oxidant, water, impurities, acid value, base value, wear debris, viscosity change, oil temperature

+Real-time monitoring of hydraulic pressure+Gear system oil information

+Up to 9 types of monitoring data to ensure equipment operation

+1000cp high range viscosity sensing technology

+The system adopts independent oil circulation, one-way flow

+Up to 4 types of data on the cloud real-time remote data monitoring

Oil Monitoring System Internet Of Things Solution

Technical Support

+CP communication protocol platform supports TCP\HTTP\MB BUR\MB RTU\MQTT

+UDP\TP500\NB-IOT\CoAP and other IOT communication protocols

+Real-time computing, multi-sensor integrated alarm

+Open platform sharing registration, independent account data management, ensuring data privacy

Steel Plant Hydraulic System Solutions

24 hours monitoring of hydraulic oil particle content, water content, viscosity index and other important indicators

+Pressure measuring point to install without destroying the original oil circuit, independent oil circuit circulation, multi-point integrated monitoring

+Adopt three oil switching monitoring, high performance sensor integration technology

+4G communication and 485 output

+High strength aluminum material, corrosion resistance and heat dissipation

+Software built-in real-time alarm program

Wind Power Gear System Solutions

Most wind power generation units are built in high-altitude mountains and offshore. The stability and status visibility of wind power gearbox units are particularly important. INZOC can provide data support for the 24-hour operation of wind turbine gearboxes.

+Gear unit external monitoring

+ Gearbox Flange integrated monitoring

+Adopt integrated design

+Up to 1000cp long range viscosity sensor

+Made of high-strength aluminum

+System provides RS485/232 data output